Why your firm of Solicitors – and why the BBA

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What value do you place on a readymade client base? How many hours do you spend or for that matter waste seeking the right sort of client that is likely to generate a generous profit?

Is it commercial sense to trawl websites and spend valuable time on the telephone attempting to attract promises of caseloads that very rarely if ever come to fruition?

Hands up all those of you that have spent varying amounts over lunches that have resulted in nothing other than a non reclaimable bill and an afternoon of sleepy indigestion?

The British Bikers Association is the most up to date motorcycling organisation on the block. With a staff experienced in Personal Injury litigation amongst other things, we have the experience and knowhow to provide our members with what is best for them.

We aim to offer and provide information as to the whereabouts of professional legal services unequalled by any other organisation of this kind. Not only do we aim to offer Personal Injury Litigation advice and representation, we aim to offer whole a range of legal services that will be the most beneficial to our members and of course to you in the long term.

If you are interested in what we have to offer our membership and would like to come on board, please read on.

BBA Legal Helpline

When you become a member of the BBA you just don’t become a member of the fastest growing motorcycle organisation in Great Britain today, you join a network of professional and dedicated people whose aim is to offer you legal help and assistance whenever and wherever you may require it.

We are establishing a dossier of regionalised lawyers throughout the British Isles to help you on a whole range of problems that you may encounter. These may be of a civil or criminal nature and may be routine or more complex.

Here at the BBA we just don’t want you to feel left out once you are in trouble.

It is our aim to ensure that the BBA badge means not just solidarity between members and those who run this organisation, but aftercare where and when it matters most, especially when you feel you are up to your neck in it!

All motorcycle related matters and for that matter non motorcycle related matters such as Consumer Law, Criminal Law, Road Traffic Law and Personal Injury at work are within the scope of our lawyers.

It is reassuring to know that you aren’t on your own.

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