Motorcycle Journalists Wanted

The British Bikers Association is always looking for aspiring motorcycle writers who can write interesting and insightful articles relating to anything that covers bikes. Initially, submissions will be unpaid but in the future, that may well change, depending on the success of the site! Imagine your work being presented to the world via the net which will provide a showcase for your skills.

Ideally, we want articles that take a unique angle on motorcycling subjects, with the focus on cultural aspects as much as analysis. If you have ever read articles from own Correspondents on the BBA website, you will know what we want. If you aren’t sure, look it up and have a look at some of the reports, stories and articles we broadcast.

We want motorcycle articles that are well written and well researched. If possible, they should also have good quality, relevant photos, though it is by no means a requirement.

So if you’re looking for an opportunity to get some experience, or build up a portfolio of published work, please send a proposal for an article you wish to write, and examples of previous articles, if any, submit below. If we decide to publish your article or story you will be notified when it’s released to the world.

Submit Your Article Here